Fixed-term employment contract for pupils/students

This page was last modified on 01-08-2016

Pupils and students may discover the workplace by entering into a fixed-term contract, even during term time, with an employer and thus gaining preliminary paid work experience.

Note that this is a standard fixed-term employment contract and is not to be confused with the employment of pupils and students during school holidays.

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Who is concerned

The following are concerned:

  • pupils or students who wish to work, even during term time, in return for remuneration and who are enrolled in Luxembourg:
  • employers who wish to hire pupils or students to work in return for remuneration, even during term time.
Note that, due to school obligations, employers may only hire under a fixed-term employment contract pupils or students aged 16 and more , unless it is a work contract during school holidays.

How to proceed

Form and duration of the employment contract

The employment contract for a pupil/student takes the form of a fixed-term employment contract (CDD). As with all fixed-term employment contracts, it must be drawn up in writing.

The weekly duration of work can not exceed an average of 10 hours, over a period of one month for a total of 40 hours. This limitation does not, however, apply to salaried activities carried out during the school holidays, for which the maximum working time is 40 hours per week.

The contract may be renewed more than twice, without being considered a permanent employment contract, provided that it does not exceed a total duration of 5 years (instead of the maximum of 24 months for standard fixed-term employment contracts).


The salary of pupils/students may not be lower than the social minimum wage, adjusted, where applicable, according to the age of the pupil/student.

The employer must pay the pupil/student the following salary:

'Reduced' social minimum wage (index 794.54 as of 1 January 2017)

18 years old or more for unskilled workers (100 % of the social minimum wage)

EUR 11.5525 (hourly salary)

EUR 1,998.59 (monthly salary)

17-18 years old (80 % of the social minimum wage)

EUR 9.2420 (hourly salary)

EUR 1,598.87 (monthly salary)

15-17 years old (75 % of the social minimum wage)

EUR 8.6644 (hourly salary)

EUR 1,498.94 (monthly salary)

18 years old or more for skilled workers (120 % of the social minimum wage)

EUR 13.8630 (hourly salary)

EUR 2,398.30 (monthly salary)

Social contributions

Employers must affiliate pupils/students with the Joint Social Security Centre (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale - CCSS). They will be registered as salaried workers with all social security branches (sickness, pension, accident and long-term care insurance).

Leave and legal holidays

Pupils/students are entitled, according to the duration of their employment contract, to paid annual leave on a pro rata basis. Sick leave days are paid in accordance with the principle of continued payment of salaries in the case of sick leave.

They also benefit from the scheme of paid public holidays, whether worked or not.

Hazardous jobs and hygiene

Pupils/students hired for hazardous jobs must undergo a medical check-up with an occupational health practitioner. If they are involved in food handling, they must have a medical certificate drawn up by the occupational health practitioner or GP (general practitioner) which is less than 1 year old.

The employer must give the pupil/student who is younger than 21 appropriate instructions before he starts work, and it must be done in the presence of:

  • the representative of young salaried workers;
  • the health and safety representative;
  • the designated worker in charge of protective and preventive measures against occupational risks.
It should be noted that the representative for young salaried workers will cease to exist after the social elections which take place after 1 January 2016. As from these elections, the tasks and duties assigned to the representatives of young salaried workers will be transferred to the staff delegations.

The representatives for young salaried workers continue to perform their tasks and duties until the next elections.

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