Seaman's book for crew members of a ship

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The seaman's book is a travel document which allows to register the tasks and jobs carried out by its holder on a ship registered in Luxembourg.

Seaman's books are issued by the Luxembourg maritime administration (Commissariat aux affaires maritimes - CAM).

Forms / Online services

Carry out your procedure:

  • With an online service

    • Seaman's book or STCW endorsement

Who is concerned

Each crew member on a Luxembourg ship must have a seaman's book in his own name.


In order to obtain a seaman's book, the maritime company or maritime manager must have obtained accreditation from the Minister responsible for maritime affairs.

Depending on the person's tasks on board the ship, various conditions of nationality and/or training apply:

How to proceed

Application for a seaman's book

Applicants must submit an application for a seaman's book or a recognition of an STCW certificate of competency or proficiency via the MyGuichet application.

Completed applications can be saved in the applicant's eSpace until the application is finalised.

When all the fields are completed, the system generates:

  • the form corresponding to the applicant's situation;
  • a list of the required supporting documents (identity document, medical certificate, training certificates, etc.).

Once the application is finalised and validated, it must be sent to the CAM via MyGuichet's secure electronic transmission system.

Following up on the application

Applicants can follow up on their application in their personal eSpace.

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