Commercial activities and services: Espace Entreprises

This page was last modified on 18-09-2014

Located at the heart of the Chamber of Commerce, the Espace Entreprises is a point of single contact that welcomes businesses and entrepreneurs and informs them about topics relating to the life of a business.

Office hours of Espace Entreprises are Monday to Friday from 8.30 - 17.00.

In order to meet clients in the best possible conditions, businesses and entrepreneurs are asked to make an appointment in advance.

Who is concerned

Espace Entreprises is aimed at those who wish to become self-employed and at businesses who are already up and running.

Special attention is given to:

  • entrepreneurs who wish to carry out their project, from building the dossier to the follow-up on the business permit application;
  • and to businesses that are already established and need assistance with various administrative formalities.

The services of Espace Entreprise are provided free of charge.

It is not necessary to be affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce to benefit from their services.

How to proceed

Assistance - from the project to business start-up

The support offered by Espace Entreprises as well as the hands-on experience of its advisors guarantee a swift and optimal processing of formalities.

The Espace Entreprises supports entrepreneurs in particular with the formalities linked to:

Assistance - day-to-day management of the business

The Espace Entreprises advises and assists businesses individually on legal and financial matters. Its services include:

In addition, the Espace Entreprise team can provide useful information and advice on commercial, social and legal matters.

They have in-depth competence in:

  • authorisation of establishment;
  • labour law (employment contracts, dismissal procedures, work hours, leave, occupational health and safety, etc.);
  • civil law (contracts, commercial lease, etc.);
  • commercial law (bankruptcy, commercial obligations, etc.);
  • company law;
  • tax law (direct tax and VAT);
  • unfair competition (sales promotions, clearance sales, advertising, etc.);
  • social security;
  • intellectual property;
  • public tenders, etc.

Assistance - exports and commercial exchange

The Espace Entreprises is also a first rate partner for all matters concerning exports and tracking and securing of commercial exchanges. The Espace Entreprises services include:

  • the delivery of certificates of origin: for exports the origin of a product has to be justified by a certificate of origin, a document that accompanies the merchandise. In Luxembourg, the Espace Entreprises authenticates certificates of origin for businesses;
  • the legalisation of documents; the Chamber of Commerce has the authority to certify for the company that the signature on the document is a valid and duly authorised signature; the company signature is registered at the Chamber of Commerce via the 'signature registry';
  • the delivery of ATA carnets (merchandise passport) to pass through customs for temporary exports; for temporary export operations, the merchandise remains the property of the shipper and is destined to return, in the same condition, to the country of departure without paying customs fees and duties in the country of temporary admission. The ATA carnet is a merchandise passport used to simplify customs operations and to reduce costs;
  • the delivery of Luxtrust digital certificates: in order to maximise the opportunities for electronic commerce from the standpoint of effectiveness and efficiency, it is vital to ensure the confidentiality and authentication of communications. To secure transactions via Internet/Intranet, the Chamber of Commerce delivers 'digital certificates' used to verify the identity of a person or a business in the context of electronic transactions and to preserve the integrity of user data. The digital certificate is used as an electronic identity card to encrypt and sign the information to transmit;
  • EAN/GS1 barcodes: consumers and logistics operators benefit from 'GS1 barcodes' to uniquely identify all locations and physical objects, thereby simplifying daily trading operations.

Other services provided by the Espace Entreprises

  • Trade Register: the Espace Entreprises of the Chamber of Commerce has set up and manages a trade register, a unique file containing qualitative, quantitative and geographic data on every commercial establishment in Luxembourg. The trade register can be used by the competent authorities for purposes such as conducting market surveys based on the dossiers of large shopping centres submitted to the Retail Trade Commission of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Anti-Crisis-Vaccine secretariat: the Espace Entreprises of the Chamber of Commerce is the acting secretariat for the Anti-Crisis-Vaccine initiative (VaccinAntiCrise)

Since 2007 the Espace Entreprises is certified ISO 9001 for its business services and consultancy services. This certification demonstrates the determination of the Chamber of Commerce to constantly improve its services with a view to increased satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Who to contact

Chamber of Commerce
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
L-2981 - Luxembourg
Phone (+352) 42 39 39-330
Fax (+352) 42 39 39-824