Registering a child in Level 1 of basic private education (pre-school)

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Pre-school education ('Spillschoul' in Luxembourgish) is for children aged 4 to 6. It is a 2-year period where attendance is compulsory. The purpose of pre-school education is to contribute to equal opportunities and to the acquisition of knowledge and knowhow by the child. Luxembourgish is the working language in pre-school.

Who is concerned

It is for all children who are at least 4 years of age by 1 September whose parents want them to attend an institution that offers a specific education system.


The child must be domiciled in Luxembourg.

In principle, children are automatically enrolled in public schools in the school district of their commune of residence. If a child is enrolled in a private institution, parents are required to inform the college of aldermen of the commune of residence by submitting an enrolment certificate to prove compliance with the compulsory schooling requirement.

How to proceed

Early learning and pre-school education are part of the 1st level of primary education. Primary education consists of 9 years of school, divided into 4 levels. The 1st level comprises one year of early learning where attendance is optional and 2 years of pre-school education which is part of the period of compulsory schooling. As a general rule, the 1st level lasts for 3 years and is for children aged between 3 and 6.

The 1st level of basic education comprises the following areas of development and learning:

  • logical thinking and mathematics;
  • speech, the Luxembourgish language and language awareness;
  • discovering the world through all the senses;
  • psycho-sensory motor development, physical expression and health;
  • creative expression, cultural and aesthetic awareness;
  • living together and common values.

In addition to public education, educational alternatives are offered as early as pre-school by some private educational institutions. Parents may enrol their child by paying the corresponding tuition or a specific fee.

There are 2 types of private schooling structure:

  • private schools that follow the same teaching curriculum and prepare their students for the same diplomas as the public schools of the country;
  • international schools and the Waldorf School (Ecole Waldorf) which operate according to their own assessment and certification system.

Among private schools, 9 institutions provide pre-school education for children.

In Luxembourg, there are 9 private schools that offer pre-school classes:

  • Ecole française de Luxembourg (EFL);
  • Ecole Waldorf;
  • St. George’s International School;
  • International School of Luxembourg (ISL);
  • Ecole Européenne de Luxembourg (EEL);
  • the 'Mini collège' nursery school;
  • the 'Les Poussins' nursery school;
  • the 'Scuola materna italiana' nursery school;
  • Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie (EPND).

All of these schools are in Luxembourg City. Some international schools (EFL, St. George's, ISL, EEL) as well as the Ecole Waldorf provide education through the primary and secondary levels for children enrolled in their pre-schools to ensure a certain degree of continuity in their schooling.

The Ecole Sainte Sophie also provides support up to the secondary level, but is better known for its dual curriculum at the primary level (French and Luxembourgish sections).

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