Marriage certificate

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A marriage certificate is a legal record of civil status. It is an authenticated document, issued by the civil registrar, serving as proof of the marital status of the named spouses.

The marriage certificate is always filed in the Luxembourg commune where the civil wedding ceremony took place.

It is prepared in advance by the civil registrar and is then signed by the spouses and the civil registrar during the wedding ceremony.

A copy of this document is often required for certain administrative procedures, including when applying for biometric passports, declaring the death of a spouse or applying for a survivor’s pension.

Information included

The marriage certificate includes all the mandatory information for a civil status certificate (year, date and time of issue; given name(s) and surname of the civil registrar; given name(s), surnames and domiciles of all named persons), together with the following:

  • each spouse’s surname and given name(s), gender, date and place of birth, and current address (hamlet, village or town; commune or municipality; country);
  • the surname and given name(s) of each spouse’s parents, their gender and domicile (including mention of their deaths, if deceased);
  • if either spouse was previously married, the surname and given name(s) of their previous spouse(s);
  • the consent of the parents, the family council, or the ad hoc guardian, and the approval of the judge in guardianship matters, if required;
  • the announcements published in the various places of domicile;
  • the declaration by the named persons that they accept each other as spouse, and the formal recognition of their union by the government official;
  • marginal entries, where applicable (divorce, legal separation, etc.).

A marginal entry on the marriage will be added to each spouse’s birth certificate.

How to apply

Only the Luxembourg commune that drew up the original document can issue copies of the marriage certificate and therefore only for couples who were married within the commune.

To obtain a copy of the marriage certificate, interested parties have the option, depending on the commune, to submit their application:

  • in person: to the civil registrar’s office, upon presentation of a valid ID card;
  • electronically: by submitting an application online. The full or abridged copy of the requested certificate will be sent by post to the address specified in the request;
  • by post: the full or abridged copy of the requested certificate will be sent by post to the address specified in the application;
  • by phone (during the communal administration’s opening hours): the certificate will be sent by post.

Issue fee

An administrative fee is charged to issue the certificate (payable to the communal administration).

Contact organisation:

Request the certificate

Consult the list of communes to find out if your commune offers an online service.