What are the rights of passengers travelling by boat?

This page was last modified on 05-12-2017

Passengers travelling by boat on either the sea or inland waterways can assert their rights by submitting a complaint if:

  • their journey by boat was delayed or canceled or;
  • they feel that their rights have not been respected during the journey.
The inland waterway or maritime carrier and the port area operator are required to inform passengers about their rights to the reimbursement of their ticket or to a compensation.

Passengers may, in certain conditions, also be entitled to financial compensation in the event of:

  • bodily injury;
  • death;
  • loss of their luggage; or
  • material damage.

The indemnities in the event of cancellations are not due if the carrier can prove that the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances (extreme weather conditions, etc.).

When submitting a complaint, the traveler must first contact the customer service of either the carrier, the port area operator, the travel agent or tour operator. In the event of an unsatisfactory response, the passenger can submit a complaint to the  Verkéiersverbond.

Persons travelling by bus or coach or by plane may also assert their rights as passengers.